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Handle with Care is an initiative designed to promote communication between local law enforcement and schools. When law enforcement is on the scene of an incident that was experienced or witnessed by a school-aged child, they’ll find out what school the child attends, and a “Handle with Care” notice will be sent to the child’s school by the next day. School staff are encouraged to handle that child with care and look for potential signs that the trauma the child experienced is affecting his or her behavior or ability to succeed in school. If additional support for the student is needed, Community Mental Health will assist in referring to other providers.  You are strongly encouraged to view the videos below for more information on how Handle with Care works.

Video Links:

Overview (These videos are required viewing by everyone):

  • Trauma Education - Overview - Shannon Novara [Time: 9.27] (YouTube)

To learn about what trauma might look like in a classroom or school, and strategies to support children and youth who have been affected by trauma, please watch the video(s) below specifically focused on the age group(s) you work with:

  • Trauma Education - Preschool & Elemetary School Years - Kate Rosenblum [Time: 17.13] (YouTube)
  • Trauma Education - Middle and High School Years - Polly Gipson [Time: 13.15] (YouTube)

To learn about how you can take care of yourself and reverse the effects of secondary traumatic stress, also known as compassion fatigue, you’ll want to watch this video:

  • Trauma Education - Secondary Traumatic Stress - Carly Ly [Time: 9.46] (YouTube)

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Handle With Care Forms:

Trauma Resources for Educators:

Early Childhood Resources:

If you have more questions about Handle with Care that have not been answered here, please contact any of the following via email:  Shannon Novara, Ashley Kryscynski, or Holly Heaviland.

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