Shout Out - Tom Wall and the T-Wall Foundation!

I want to give Tom Wall and the T-Wall Foundation a huge shout out for awarding Garrison Hammond (student at Carpenter YA Services) a brand new bicycle. Throughout this year, Garrison has worked hard to increase his skills and independence. He has earned the reputation as a hard worker and citizen, landing two jobs this year. He is employed at the U of M Shapiro Library and recently took a second job at Zingerman's Deli. Garrison depends on city buses and riding his bike for transportation. Sometimes he rides over 10 miles, one way, to his destination. This year, he has struggled to keep his bike in working condition. After hearing Garrison's story, along with his accomplishments, Tom Wall and his Foundation partnered with Great Lakes Fitness & Cycling in Ann Arbor to fit Garrison for a brand new bike and helmet. The T-WALL Foundation works hard to raise money to support individuals with disabilities. Please take time to check out this organization and perhaps support their efforts. Thank You to the T-Wall Foundation for all they do for others in our community!