Visual Impairment - VI

Visual Impairment Team

Our 7 VI Team members

Our team of dedicated Teacher Consultants, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and Braille Technicians provide special education-related vision services and supports to students, staff, and families in our county’s local schools and young adult programs in Washtenaw County, MI. These services include:

  • Braille instruction, translation, and material preparation
  • Large print and accessible material preparation and instruction
  • Assistive technology instruction, consultation, and provision
  • Orientation and mobility / travel and long white cane skills
  • Workshops, presentations, and general district and program support

We strive to provide excellent service to our constituents through equitable, inclusive, and self-reflective practice


Student Referrals and Related Questions:

Becky Starick

734-994-8100  ext. 1268

General Contact:

Referral Information

Ages Birth to 3

Please contract: 800-EARLY-ON - 800-327-5966

Ages 4 to 26:

If you need to refer a student to WISD for formal evaluation related to a possible visual impairment, please download the referral form and one of the release of information forms below. We need to obtain a report from an eye doctor as a first step to the evaluation process. Complete the forms and fax to: 734-913-5957 attn: Becky Starick.


Rebekah Ralls
Young Adult Community Classrooms, Local-based Classrooms, Visually Impaired Supervision
734-994-8100  ext. 1545