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Equality Inclusion Social Justice

Holding hands for Social Justice

Welcome to the WISD Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Portal. Access to WISD EISJ content is restricted to employees and Board Members of the Washtenaw ISD.

The portal is divided into three areas: The Superintendent's Recommended Reading and Further Study, The Superintendent's EISJ Blog, and the EISJ Let's Talk page.

The Superintendent's Recommended Reading and Further Study page is a listing of books and articles recommended by Superintendent Menzel and others to further your education on this important topic.

The Superintendent's EISJ Blog is where you can leave your comments, thoughts, or questions, on a variety of blog topics. The Superintendent will serve as the moderator to ensure appropriateness of the comments. We hope for a rich and meaningful dialogue around the topics that are introduced.

The Let's Talk! EISJ Page is a more private method of contacting Superintendent Menzel, outside of the blog. This page needs no login since, from the beginning, it is a private conversation between you and Superintendent Menzel.

Remember, for all pages (except Let's Talk!) you will need the access credentials. See your supervisor for those. Also, in order to comment or ask questions on the EISJ blog page or the Let's Talk! page, you will need to include your name and email address. This is important since all of us should own our questions and comments.

Please click the menu item on the left to access the portal of your choice.


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