October 7, 2019

Last week on Thursday, October 3, WISD hosted an open house for any community member interested in purchasing the bonds that will benefit the reconstruction of High Point. The open house was held in partnership with Stifel, PFM Financial Advisors, LLC., and Raymond James, and had approximately 20 people. Intentional outreach to local community members so they can learn more about buying bonds sold by their local school district is unique and not typical for schools, and WISD is proud to live up to our values of serving our community.

Additionally, our architectural partners have been seeking input from administration, High Point staff and families on the initial schematic design for New High Point during the past eight weeks since the election in August. The architects now have all of our feedback and will work on finalizing plans for the new building's design over the coming weeks. These plans will formalize the layout for the new building, and future work will be needed to attend to details like furniture and technology.