Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education


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What is Career and Technical Education (CTE)?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) has evolved significantly as technology has developed. While many CTE programs prepare students to enter a skilled trade directly after high school, 68% of CTE students in Washtenaw enroll in college within one year of graduation. These students often have a jump-start on their associate’s or bachelor’s degree as a result of transferable CTE credits.  Many believe that CTE helps students stand out in the college application process. Students who wish to enter the workforce directly after graduation are also well-prepared. Our twenty-first century labor market demands auto repair technicians, manufacturers, and construction workers to master increasingly complex technical skills, and the programming in Washtenaw County reflects that rigor. Students can earn industry credentials in automotive service, cosmetology, nurse assistant, and more.



Testimonial for CTE programsCTE courses not only equip students with specific career skills—they instill leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork skills, all while providing unique hands-on learning experiences. In CTE programs, Washtenaw students learn how to repair automobiles, build houses, cook with classical technique, and grow crops; they also learn to program machinery, design buildings on cutting-edge software, build robots, and prepare for careers in business, finance, and healthcare. Valuable work-based learning is embedded in courses as students take part in practical teaching and childcare experiences, work in area hospitals, and more.


Testimonials for CTE programs


Which CTE courses can I take, and where are they located?


Twenty distinct Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that fall into 14 different career clusters, or topic areas are offered in Washtenaw County.  For the administration of CTE programming, Washtenaw County is divided into three separate consortia, shown in the graphic below. (Note that the South and West Washtenaw Consortium, or SWWC, contains Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Lincoln, and Saline High Schools.) A student can take any CTE course offered within his/her consortium, regardless of his/her home school; bus services are provided to students who need to travel between schools.


For a listing of CTE programs by consortium, please see the table at the bottom of this page. For a list of programs by high school site, select your consortium below.


Link to Ann Arbor Public Schools CTE offeringsLink to South West Consortium CTE offeringsLink to Ypsilanti Consolidated Schools CTE offerings


*In addition to WISD Consortia-based programs, Ypsilanti Community High School and Lincoln High School students can also access 6 dual enrollment programs, which are administered by Washtenaw Community College and MIAT College of Technology. See the Postsecondary Opportunities Page to view a list of these programs. 


Table of CTE Programs

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