Rights and Responsibilities

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Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

If you live temporarily in a shelter, motel, vehicle, campground, on the street, in abandoned buildings, a temporary foster care placement or doubled up with relatives or friends, you are considered eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Act. These students have the right to:

  • Continue in their "school of origin" (the school they last attended when permanently housed or the school they last attended), if that is your choice and it is feasible, or attend the neighborhood school where you are currently living.
  • Receive transportation to the school of origin if requested.
  • Immediately enroll and attend classes without providing a permanent address, past school or immunization records, proof of guardianship, etc. You still must fill out enrollment packets.
  • Receive free lunch.
  • Receive equal access to education and support services and if eligible, participate in before– and after-school activities.
  • Receive services through the Education Project.


School Responsibilities

By federal law, school staff must identify, immediately enroll and serve students in homeless or temporary living situations.

  • Please review your district's / school's Procedure Template.
  • Attend a county-wide training to learn more. Contact EPHYContact@washtenawisd.org to find out when the next training is scheduled.


Other Tips for School Staff

  • Appoint a McKinney-Vento Ally in your school.
  • Make sure you are using the Residency Questionnaire in your enrollment packet and sending it home at least once mid-year.
  • Avoid using the word "homeless" (use temporary or transitional instead).
  • Have Education Project referrals handy.
  • Make sure you have a poster in your school: http://center.serve.org/nche/pr/er_poster.php#youth.