Pupil Accounting Resources

Pupil Accounting Resources


  • CEPI: Center for Educational Performance & Information

CEPI – homepage.  CEPI collects and reports data about Michigan's K-12 public schools.  Cites contains information regarding the electronic submission of the student count.

  • CEPI: Collection Component Matrix

This matrix indicates which components are required (R), conditional (C), or optional (O) for each MSDS collection.  Helpful when preparing the electronic submission. It contains specific details regarding what data should be reported in each field in MSDS.  Click “Technical Material” to display the matrix. The Excel version contains several tabs.

  • CEPI: Graduation and Dropout (GAD) Information

Graduation and Dropout Information - Deadlines, timelines and information required to report and ensure the district’s graduating pupils.

  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Various information regarding disclosure of education records (CA-60), directory information and personally identifiable student information.

  • MDE: Michigan Department of Education, State Aid Office

MDE's office of state aid and school finance forms, state aid updates and financial status reports.

  • Michigan Legislature

Michigan Legislature - laws proposed and finalized, including House Bills (HB) and Senate Bills (SB)

  • MPAAA: Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association

MPAAA - Use student count day forms at QuickLinks/Pupil Auditing Forms. Organization provides conferences two times a year and other training workshops for pupil accounting personnel and MSDS data specialists.

  • MSDS Collection and Submission Dates and Training Materials

Deadlines and Training materials for new pupil accounting data specialists for Michigan Student Data System (MSDS). See CEPI Calendar Page.

  • MSDS Help & Training

Contains MSDS District User Training Manual, New User Toolkit and explains how to use MSDS Reports to ensure the most accuracy in your count and data submissions (Student Record Maintenance & TSDL). Click “Help & Training” to display training information.  Click “Manuals” to display MSDS Collection Details Manual.

  • Pupil Accounting Manual

Contains information regarding pupil accounting rules and claiming students.

  • Pupil Auditing Manual

Rules pupil accounting auditor must follow to audit a school's student count.

  • Record Retention Required for School Records

Details how long to keep documents, school records, CA-60, pupil accounting attendance and enrollment records, schools of choice applications.