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COVID-19 Resources and Support Hotline

  • Any WISD employee, parent or student in need of resources or support can call (734) 302-2600. This line goes directly to a voicemail where they can leave a message requesting assistance and someone from a dedicated WISD team will respond to them directly within 24 hours.
  • Visit our Basic Needs webpage here


Internet Connectivity

  • Comcast Internet Essentials package for $9.95/month for qualifying households.

  • In partnership with Merit Network, Toyota, and Cisco, WISD is managing free wi-fi access spots across Washtenaw County during business hours (these sites are not live yet, but are coming soon; more information is available here):

    • Chelsea High School (Chelsea Schools)
    • Chelsea Early Childhood Center (Chelsea Schools)
    • Beacon Elementary School (Dexter Community Schools)
    • Creekside Intermediate School (Dexter Community Schools)
    • Brick Elementary School (Lincoln Consolidated Schools)
    • Lincoln Middle School (Lincoln Consolidated Schools)
    • Lincoln High School (Lincoln Consolidated Schools)
    • Riverside Intermediate School (Manchester Community Schools)
    • Milan High School - 3 access points (Milan Area Schools)
    • Harvest Elementary School (Saline Area Schools)
    • Pleasant Ridge Elementary School (Saline Area Schools)
    • Liberty School (Saline Area Schools)
    • Whitmore Lake High School (Whitmore Lake Public Schools)
    • Whitmore Lake Middle School (Whitmore Lake Public Schools)
    • Whitmore Lake Elementary School (Whitmore Lake Public Schools)
    • Washtenaw International High School (Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium)
    • High Point East (Washtenaw ISD & Ypsilanti Community Schools)
    • Washtenaw Intermediate School District Teaching and Learning Center (Washtenaw ISD)
    • Ypsilanti Community Middle School (Ypsilanti Community Schools)
    • Ypsilanti Community High School (Ypsilanti Community Schools)
    • Holmes Elementary School (Ypsilanti Community Schools)
  • Click here for a list of self-reported wi-fi access spots by other organizations
  • Comcast/Xfinity public hotspots
  • Charter/Spectrum public hotspots



Any WISD employee or caregiver in need of child care can search this list for providers who are enrolling children.


Staff Professional Development Opportunities

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