Achievement Initiatives Team

Achievement Initiatives

Educator Learning Objectives


Learning Objectives

After engaging in professional learning with the AO team, educators will show the following characteristics of Culturally Responsive Teaching1...


Educators will believe that…

  • Differences should be valued authentically.
  • All students enter the classroom with assets and are capable of excellence.


Educators will know/understand…

  • How to explore, critiques, questions and reflect on their own practices as it relates to Culturally Relevant Teaching.
  • How knowledge is continuously recreated, recycled and shared by teachers and students.
  • How their biases influence their teaching and student learning.
  • Child development and connect it to Culturally Responsive Teaching and Pedagogical Content Knowledge.


Educators will be able to…

  • Foster a joyful disposition towards lifelong learning (for students and themselves).2
  • Share responsibility for learning with students.
  • Take action towards social justice at the individual, interpersonal, institutional and/or cultural levels.

1Ladson-Billings,G. (2013) Dreamkeepers: Successful teachers of African American children. Josses-Bass, Inc, US.; gay, G. (2018). Culturally responsive teaching: Theory, research, and Practice.Teachers College Press.
2Muhammad, G. (2021). Cultivating genius: An equity framework for culturally and historically responsive literacy.Scholastic.

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