New World Information and Technical Documentation

New World Technical Information and Documentation

New World Systems and Internet Explorer FAQ

New World is a web driven application that works through Internet Explorer ONLY (IE).  Using any other browser to access New World is not currently supported.

New World is only available on computers directly attached to the internal Washtenaw ISD network.  There is no outside access to New World.

Tyler Technologies/New World Systems tests all new versions of IE as soon as they are released.  Tyler Technologies/New World Systems is a Microsoft Gold Partner; they receive beta versions of these releases prior to them being available to the public so that testing can start early.  With over 1500 screens and multiple processes on each of those screens, it is not a simple or quick task to do this testing but something they take very seriously.  If a new version of IE passes testing with no issues, they will let customers know that it is the supported version of IE with the next release of the Logos.NET software.  If changes to the Logos.NET software are needed because of a compatibility issue with a new version of IE, they work to make those changes as quickly as possible and get them into the next release of Logos.NET.  For each new release of Logos.NET, the update documentation that is  sent out with each new release clearly states the IE versions supported with the current release of the Logos.NET software. 

For the software to function properly, Logos requires some very specific Internet Explorer settings.  Please see the link titled "Basic Workstation IE Settings" under the section titled "Workstation Settings and Recommended Workstation Configuration" for the requirements.  Note that if your district allows automatic workstation IE upgrades, you may have to check and modify your settings periodically.

What version of the software are we using, and what is the upgrade timetable?

The WISD districts are currently on v. 9.5 SP1; this version fully supports IE 11, in Compatibility Mode. 

One new release per year is issued, in the spring.  In January, there is typically a service pack for the end-of-year release, which contains the forms necessary to perform year-end processing such as 1099's, W-2's and 1095's.  Timing of the upgrade may vary due to Technology staff availability, what new features are contained in the release, and which ones will impact our districts the most.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call 1286 or the WISD Business Office.

Workstation Settings and Recommended Workstation Configuration

The following information on improving client performance is available only to Washtenaw ISD Users of the New World application.  

VERY IMPORTANT - workstation Internet Explorer (IE) settings that are not configured properly for New World software can be the cause of many issues you may experience while working in the application, such as menus not pulling down or images on screens not appearing correctly.  Before submitting a help desk ticket, one of the first things we recommend is to double check your IE settings on your workstation.  Click on the links below for information.


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