Department Contacts

Special Education Department Contacts

Cherie Vannatter
Assistant Superintendent, Achievement and Student Services
734-994-8100 ext. 1543

Deborah Hester-Washington
Director of Special Education
734-994-8100 ext. 1456

Rebekah Ralls
Young Adult Community Classrooms, Local-based Classrooms, Visually Impaired Supervision
734-994-8100  ext. 1545

Lynette Arons
Young Adult Classrooms at YA Red Oak, Young Adult Project, and D/HH Supervision
734-994-8100 ext. 3212

Julie Voelker
Progress Park and A/B Team Supervision
734-994-3340 ext. 4703

Jennifer Parrelly
High Point Supervision
734-994-8100 ext. 1610

JT Sangsland
CIY and Washtenaw County Jail Services Supervision

Melissa Paschall
EI Continuum Classrooms and LB Middle School Supervision
734-994-8100 ext. 1562

Melissa Dubiel
Technician, Asst. Superintendent Achievement and Student Services, Compliance Monitor, AT Lab, LRE TC and PSA
734-994-8100 ext. 1530

Anne Fortunato
Secretary, YA Community Classrooms, Local-Based Elementary and High School Programs, VI and CIY
734-994-8100 ext. 1520

Nancy Blair
Secretary, YA Red Oak, YA Project, and D/HH.
734-994-8100 ext. 3201

Jeana Austin
Secretary, Progress Park,  A/B Team and Local-based Middle School
734-994-3340 ext. 4701

LaFawn Carter
Secretary, High Point School
734-994-8111 ext. 1600