Washtenaw Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

Washtenaw Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

Charter Statement

“We believe in a strength-based and student-focused model of education that empowers children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing with resiliency, pride, integrity and self-advocacy. We are driven to implement evidence-based practices to promote the development of language and literacy (recognizing the critical period of birth to 3rd grade), collaborate as a team, embrace diversity, and ensure equal access to education so our students who have unique language and communication needs are provided the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

WISD provides a wide level of services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from throughout Washtenaw County.Two students working together in a classroom

Students are referred to the WISD D/HH services through the local districts. The referral is based on a select system of needs that the student exhibits in the areas of language and language processing, deficits in hearing and processing auditory language, incidental learning (visual or auditory), and deficits in common language for everyday experiences. Vocabulary development and knowledge deficits are assessed through the referral system, involving local district and WISD staff, along with the student’s parents. As students are affected socially and academically by these deficits, the assessment team examines these areas as well as (but not limited to): 

  • Deficits in learning new concepts and vocabulary (without frequent repetitions and visual aids)
  • Difficulty in repairing communication breakdowns in social or academic situations
  • High frustration levels (behaviorally) due to deficits in communicating effectively with others
  • Limitations in self-monitoring use of expressive language (too loud or not loud enough for the situation)
  • Exhibiting coping skills that limit understanding (nods head as if understands, even if lacks understanding)
  • Information needs to be presented in various ways to ensure understanding

WISD Services (Click service for more information):

Teacher Consultants for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing 

Classrooms for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Supervisor Contact Information for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Administrative Staff for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

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