Phase II Interventions

Phase II: Integrating vision with function

(Ranges 3+ to 7) 

Working On:

  • Starting to introduce 2-d materials using photos of familiar favorite objects

  • Continue to teach salient features, now with photos of familiar objects

  • Work on discrimination activities with photos “Show me an object (spoon) like the one I am holding.” 

  • Work on recognition activities with photos “Look at these objects and find the spoon” 

  • Work on identification activities with photos (pairing with auditory scanning if needed) “What is this called?” 

  • Continue teaching phonemic awareness and alphabet with auditory scanning- student will not be able to see or understand the visual letter until later in Phase II, can use objects and now photos as anchors (A for apple) 

  • Note: Visual attention does not guarantee understanding

Guidelines for presenting items:

  • Use objects of a gradually increasing complexity

  • May still need preferred color as part of the object 

  • May be able to use more complex backgrounds with familiar objects

  • Use a simple background (black or white) with new items/photos

  • Use of their favorite color for highlighting of salient features and word bubbling

  • Movement may still be needed to gain attention

  • Presented in strongest field, may be able to present more centrally

  • It may still be difficult to see items exactly at mid-line, off set slightly to one side

  • Present new objects on a light box or use a flashlight to cast light onto the item (make sure the flashlight is held from behind the child)

  • Use of a iPad or light box to present 2-d images

  • May still need slightly decreased background noise

  • Seated away from light sources

  • May be able to regard movement from further away 

  • Wait time may still be needed when individual is ill, tired, or stressed