Phase III Interventions

Phase III: Refinement of remaining characteristics

(Ranges 7+ to 10)

Working On:

  • Continued refinement of CVI characteristics 

  • It is very unlikely to reach a score of 9-10, **some characteristics may remain life-long

  • Provide instruction in phonemic awareness of letters and sounds, now with letters using bubbling around the letters, can use objects and photos as anchors (A for apple) 

  • Photos are still the easiest to perceive, but can start to introduce images like those used in a AAC device **images will need to be taught for understanding

  • Teach salient features of letters, numbers, picture symbols, and/or whole words, with preferred color highlighting 

  • Work on discrimination activities with letters, numbers, picture symbols, whole words “Show me one like ___” 

  • Work on recognition activities with letters, numbers, pictures symbols, whole words “Show me the ___” 

  • Work on identification activities with letters, numbers, pictures symbols, whole words (pairing with auditory scanning if needed) “What is this called?” 

  • Matching printed word, number, or letter to the empty color outline shape of the word, number, or letter

Guidelines for presenting items:

  • Use objects of a gradually increasing complexity

  • May be able to use more complex backgrounds with less complex objects

  • Use a simple background (black or white) with new items/images

  • Use of their favorite color for highlighting of salient features and word bubbling for new words

  • Movement may occasionally be needed to gain attention

  • It may still be difficult to see items exactly at mid-line, off set slightly to one side

  • Use of a iPad or light box may still help support attention

  • May still need slightly decreased background noise, especially for complex or difficult activities

  • Seated away from light sources

  • Wait time may still be needed when individual is ill, tired, or stressed

  • May be able to regard a non-moving target up to 10 feet and moving targets up to 20 feet