Technology Support Options & Instructions

Technology Department staff are working diligently to provide continuous support and care, while adhering to COVID-response related processes and procedures to ensure everyone's health and safety. 

Our current COVID In-Person Visit process requires advanced approval to enter a WISD facility. With this constraint in mind, the Technology Department asks for your understanding that we may not be able to deliver the same-day technology support as we have in the past.

To best support our staff working remotely and at our WISD facilities, we ask that you follow the procedures below.

For more detailed instructions regarding specific support requests, please utilize the menu options to the left.

Non-Emergency Requests:

  • Enter a support ticket
  • Be prepared to come to the TLC building for support, if able
  • Do not email technicians directly, as many are working remotely or in the field and may have limited access to email

Urgent/Emergency Requests:

  • Call our Held Desk Line at 734-994-8100 x 1286
  • Be present for a call and remote support
  • Emergencies include:
    • No internet access
    • Broken equipment
    • Phone system failure
    • Equipment and/or internet security and safety issues
  • Do not email technicians directly, as many are working remotely or in the field and may have limited access to email

IT Security Requests:

Important Notes:

  • Equipment Purchases: In many instances, equipment is on extreme back-order, causing long delays in shipment from vendors. If an alternative, yet equivalent, device is available, Technology staff will alert you and request permission to purchase the in-stock device.
  • Out-Center Equipment Maintenance: Tech staff are developing a schedule to routinely visit out centers to review and maintain equipment.
    • Supervisors and Out Center staff will be made aware of this schedule.
    • Out Center staff - make sure you are prepared for these visits by ensuring your files are saved to OneDrive.
  • Out-Center Support: We encourage Program Supervisors and Staff to share their planned/approved out center schedules with Technology with enough lead time for our team to ensure available support options.
  • Equipment Requests: Staff should make device requests for themselves and on the behalf of parents, guardians, and students, when possible. Please remember to get Supervisor approval.