Restorative Justice

WISD Restorative Justice Vision

We consistently and inclusively invest in making relationships matter most in successful learning communities where the dignity, rights, and needs of all members are valued and respected. We are building a restorative community that is safe, supportive and conscious of injustice. When community is harmed, accountability involves collaborative communication, skills-building, and harm-healing to build trust and strengthen relationships.

Mission and Strategic Priorities

  • Supporting adoption of restorative justice philosophy and practices throughout the Washtenaw Intermediate School District,
  • Providing training and support for schools to regularly practice staff- and student-led circles for learning, community-building, and addressing conflict and misconduct using trauma-sensitive approaches,
  • Hosting peer-mediation teams/councils that help address conflict and identify situations of harm that need to be addressed,
  • Offering conflict coaching for members at all levels of the learning community,
  • Hosting collaborative networks of practitioners who will engage and empower schools to adopt relationship-focused paradigm.

Advanced Restorative Practices Training:

Family Engagement & Empowerment- February 21-22, 2024 - 8:30-4:30pm

  • You must complete  the Introduction Course- Days 1 & 2 prior to attending this training.
  • 13 SCECHs Available
  • SW CEU Credits- Pending

Compassionate Witnessing- May 8-9,  2024 - 8:30am-4:30pm

  • SW CEU Credits Available
  • SCECHs Available

If you have not taken the Introduction course, days 1 and 2, and the Conferencing/Circles course, days 3 and 4 yet, please check the WISD LearningStream website to find course offerings coming up in the next school year. 

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Strategic Initiative:

Hosting peer-mediation teams/councils that help address conflict and identify situations of harm that need to be addressed.




Resources to Support & Manage Peers Making Peace Operations in Schools:

PDF DocumentConsiderations and Commitments for Hosting a Peers-Making-Peace Team developed by P-M-P Trainers and advisors, Belinda Dulin and Amy McLoughlin.

PDF DocumentRestorative Intervention Sample Log developed by Lauren Fardig-Diop of ACCE HS.

PDF DocumentSample Behavior Response Chart Used at ACCE HS  shared by Lauren Fardig-Diop.

PDF DocumentCircle Planning Template developed by Lauren Fardig-Diop of ACCE HS.

PDF DocumentSample Circle Centerpiece  developed by Valencia Brooks and Lauren Fardig-Diop.

External Link Example of Student Peer Mediators in Action MetWest High School students and advisor show us how they do circle in the Oakland (CA) Unified School District.

Restorative Justice in Education:

Educators across the country are integrating the restorative justice paradigm into their learning communities and sharing their wisdom. This section features news articles, books, manuals, videos and websites showcasing their work and offering insights you might find useful. Take time to explore, download and apply their experience to your restorative justice journey.


PDF DocumentArticles on Restorative Justice in Schools

PDF DocumentAn Introduction to Restorative Practices


PDF DocumentRestorative Justice Resources


PDF DocumentVarious Restorative Justice in Schools Manuals


PDF DocumentRestorative Justice Videos


PDF DocumentRestorative Justice-related Web Sites

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